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GCH Installs New Phone System
     Over the past month everyone, with the assistance of Citynet, has been busy installing and implementing a new phone system. This system will improve the means of communication and help provide a better service to our patients and community. While this is a new state-of-the-art system, we do anticipate some minor setbacks and issues and will tend to your call with our up most ability and care. Check back soon for a list of new phone number. Please do not hesitate to call 911 for an emergency in which you might be experiencing.  
GCH and WVHIN Partner for Patient Care
-By Whitney Wetzel WDTV Channel 5 News
     A health information provider and a local hospital are teaming up to make patient care a little bit easier, by using e-mail.

     The State Health Information Network and Grafton City Hospital are working together to store patient information electronically, through an e-mail service called West Virginia Direct.

     GCH is one of the first hospitals in the state to begin using this new system. Now doctors will be able to safely and securely send patient's medical records to other hospitals or physician's offices around the state and nationwide. Hospital officials say this will make both patient care and health services more efficient.

     "Instead of sending something in a hard copy with the patient themselves, or to send it through a fax or a courier service, it will allow them to send an e-mail directly," said Philip Weikle, WVHIN Chief Operations Officer.

     "Patient care, sometimes it's all about expediency and protection. So, the quicker you can get that data to another health care provider, the better. And certainly, you want to do that in a secure environment," said Patrick Shaw, CEO Grafton City Hospital.

     To learn more about the West Virginia Direct e-mail service, visit the State Health Information Network's website at www.wvhin.org